I'm always posting news about the cheap mp3 sites I have reviewed on here, but what I have never blogged about is which site is my favourite and which I would recommend. So I thought it was about time I did!

As you may have gathered, I love all four sites I have on here. They each have their own pros and cons, but they all stand out from the hundreds of other cheap mp3 sites on the web for me for one reason or another.

So, which one do I recommend?

If you want a low minimum top up, MP3va is the one for you with a $19.95 top up amount. Read Review...

And finally, if you want a huge music library, MP3Million is the site for you, with songs costing €0.10 (equal to 15¢) it's the second cheapest. Read Review...

My Top Recommended Site: MP3Million. I have chosen MP3 Million as the top site because:

  • The music library dwarfs the other three sites with 400,000 more cheap mp3 songs
  • MP3 Million give you 10 free songs when you register with them. (Legal Sounds offer this too)
  • There is a large selection of payment methods
  • Their top up/sign up offers of free credit are very generous and are renewed regularly

Remember, all songs on MP3 Million are DRM free, so can be played anywhere on anything (as long as it plays mp3s of course). MP3 Million also have excellent customer service, so if you're stuck with anything, they are very helpful and

Check out MP3Million for yourself now, or read the review. You can also compare all four sites in the comparison table.