MP3va have always been one of the better sites because they accepted PayPal as a payment method. They have now removed this feature from their site. You can still pay by MasterCard and Visa.

I contacted them about this, and you can still pay by PayPal. You need to go into PayPal, click 'send money'. Send it to with your email address as the description. Once you've done this, you need to send them a quick email saying what PayPal account they will be receiving money from, the amount (minimum of $25.00 still applies) and what MP3va account you want refilled.

They will do the rest. So if you're uncomfortable about giving out credit card details, there is a way round this. I'm sure if we contacted LegalSounds, MP3Million or Soundike, they have the same sort of procedure in place to allow you to pay by PayPal.