All of the sites I have reviewed and listed are what I call 'Pay Per Song' services. Although they aren't really...

You top up money to your account and buy songs using it until it runs out. Then you just top up more if you wish to. It does not expire and you don't ever have to add more money if you don't want to.

MP3Million are the first site to offer a monthly service, where you pay a fee every month and are given a huge number of downloads to use in that month. At the end of the month, any unused allowance is scrapped and you start a new month with a new limit of downloads. And here are the options to make it easier:

Paying €20 per month gets you 500 downloads a month.
Paying €50 per month gets you 1500 downloads a month.

MP3 Million still offer their pay per song service too. So which option should you go for?

Choose Pay Per Song if:
* You download a few albums or tracks a month
* You don't want a monthly payment commitment
* You only want to try MP3 Million then maybe move to another cheap mp3 site

Choose Monthly Subscription if:

* You download a lot of music (more than 500 a month)
* You don't want to keep checking your account balance and just download music
* You're happy with MP3 Million's service and aren't going to change companies

Hope this helps some of you guys who ask about monthly services. If you get stuck or want more information, give me shout. Get over to MP3Million to see what this is all about for yourself.