Unfortunately, LegalSounds have now closed down. But there are plenty of other mp3 sites to download from, check out some of our favorites on our reviews page.

LegalSounds are a nice, simple, no messing about site. Their offers are generous, but the site is never in-your-face with some crazy flashing banner linking to a new $50.00 FREE thing, they just do what they do and they do it well. Another nice touch that Legal Sounds have (that no other site offers) is their step by step guide on the homepage. This makes it a little more user friendly than other sites. You don't feel quite so lost the first time you go there. The site is just a nice place to be! So what are these simple steps? 1. Register 2. Get the Legal Sounds Downloader (you don't have to do this... but it is a good piece of software. Read about the downloader here: Legal Sounds Downloader) 3. Transfer Money 4. Download music Simple really! And that's why we love them. Not to mention their $0.09 song price!