After various issues, complaints and problems, we've decided to no longer support or recommend Soundike. Check out our comparison page for some alternative mp3 download sites.

If you've ever downloaded music from somewhere you shouldn't or from a dodgy looking site, you'll know that the file names are messy. The artist, album and track name will all be written in track name, so sorting by artist on your mp3 player becomes impossible. Finding songs from specific albums is just not an option. Well, Soundike have had a little think about this problem and have come up with a solution that is better than just keeping the names tidy. After registering, you need to confirm your email address in order to get your $0.30 free and to have full access to the site. Once you've done that, you can go to the 'User Info' menu at the top of the site. This is where you can add extra info about yourself di you want to, like name, phone number, date of birth etc (these are all optional). Right at the very bottom is the 'Site Settings' menu. This is where you can chose how you want your music downloads to be named. You can decide if you want track number to appear first, artist etc. You can even pick the spacer between the words. You can have - or . or a load of other characters! You can also customise the look of the your area little here too. This is a great feature that works well I think. Get over to Soundike to have a look at this for yourself and of course, to grab your free tracks.