Unfortunately, MP3 Panda and LegalSounds have now closed down. But there are plenty of other mp3 sites to download from, check out some of our favorites on our reviews page.

Two of my favourite sites are MP3 Panda and LegalSounds. But which one is the best? Firstly, LegalSounds have more tracks than MP3 Panda, but only just! They both have massive music archives, with MP3 Panda offering over 2,114,410 and LegalSounds offering over 2,134,020. Second, are their freebies. MP3 Panda offer a free album on their site to all customers. LegalSounds offer new customers the US Top 40 to download for free after registering, so which freebie you want is up to you. Third, there is the sites minimum top up amounts. LegalSounds ask for $25.00, MP3 Panda ask for $20.00. So there isn't much in it. Maybe if you're a bit broke, MP3 Panda is better. What about song price? Well here is really the only major different in the statistics of each site. MP3 Panda offer songs for 5 cents each. LegalSounds offer songs for 9 cents each. Although that is still cheap, it's almost double what MP3 Panda charge per mp3 track. The next thing to consider is top up offers. With MP3 Panda, if you top up $49.94, they give you $10.00 and if you top up $79.95, they give you $25.00. With LegalSounds, if you top up $39.00, you get 50 free songs. If you top up $50.00, you get 80 free songs and if you top up $100.00, you get 200 free songs. My verdict? I would use MP3 Panda. Simply because it's cheaper and I like the site design more! But to be honest, they are both great sites, offering a great service at a really good price.