image Thanksgiving is a big time of year, so lots of mp3 sites have decided to chip in on the action offer freebies here and there for everyone to take a slice of.

So what's on offer?

MP3Fiesta is now closed

MP3 Panda and MP3Fiesta  Both sites are offering 100% bonuses on all deposits made to their site. This 'Black Friday' deal is open to all customers, new and existing and is running from today until the 30th November. If you're going to top up your account with either MP3 Panda or MP3Fiesta, or were thinking of using one of them for the first time, now is a good time to top up. Any deposit you make will be doubled, so get the most of this offer while you can.

We're no longer supporting Soundike. Find out more here.

Soundike  Soundike are offering some good deals too, top up your account with $30.00 and Soundike will add $15.00 for free, or top up with $50.00 and Soundike will add a massive $55.00 to your account. This offer is running from the 26th until the 29th November.

MP3va have reduced all track prices across their site to just 10¢ each. That's 5¢ less than usual! This offer is running from the 27th November until the 29th, so get it while you can.