GoMusicNow and GoMusic, two of my very least favourite sites, are down yet again and have been for a few days now. This doesn't bold well for them. They might be cheap, but if we can't access the site, then we don't want to use them!

If you've put money on recently, we can just hope that the site returns soon. If you were thinking of using them... DON'T! They have a very bad reputation for constantly being down, having payment problems, not answering emails and a whole host of other issues that they never seem to fix!

Our recommendation? Use another site. MP3va and MP3Million are two other sites that are a million times better; they are always reliable, don't change their prices every two days and have problems once a year at most! They can be trusted with your money and won't do a runner like a lot of these cheap sites have done before.

Check back for more info on the GoMusic and GoMusicNow problem soon.