CDonPC Review

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CDonPc seems to be another mp3 site that has been abandoned by it's owners. The site is extremely out-of-date, they have a very small music library of just 500,000 songs and are very over-priced compared to other mp3 download sites I've reviewed here.

Above all else, the site is not accepting any new payments, so downloading from them if you've not got an account already is pretty much impossible.

They say their payment page in under construction, but it has been for weeks now. Another closed site…? It seems so.

If I were to pick any mp3 site to download from, this would be past the bottom of my list. My recommendation would be to use another website instead, as there are a million others that do a far better job, offer cheaper music, and work well that I would use over CDonPC.

Please visit our Comparison Table for a list of alternative sites to buy your music from.

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