GoldenMP3 Review

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Golden MP3 have got to be one of the worst sites for unacceptably poor customer service.

They have failed to respond to my emails for the last 10 months. I've given them no reason to ignore me, I've not sent the same message over and over, I've not sent spam, I've asked various questions about the service that I could not find the answers to on the Golden MP3 site. I've not received a single response. Sites like MP3 Million and MP3va can't do enough to help you out when you've got a problem. It's a shame these guys aren't the same.

Above all else, the site is very over-priced. MP3 Panda offer songs for almost a third of 14¢ Golden MP3 charge per track.

My recommendation is - use another site instead. There are loads of options of the web, so don't waste your time and money on these guys.

Please visit our Comparison Table for a list of alternative sites to buy your music from.

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