MP3Sparks Review

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MP3 Sparks is the replacement for the closed down 'AllOfMP3' music site. If you ever used AllOfMP3, you can use your login details on the MP3 Sparks site.

This site looks nice, but the prices are too expensive to compete with other music sites I review, such as MP3 Panda and LegalSounds. Tracks vary from 6¢ for a 30 second track to 26¢ for longer ones. This may sound cheap, but over all, music albums on MP3 Sparks compared to other sites on the web are a lot more expensive.

Their minimum top up is also high, at $25.00 and this site doesn't have anything special or unique to offer over the other sites I've reviewed.

Please visit our Comparison Table for a list of alternative sites to buy your music from.

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