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Unfortunately, MP3Panda have now closed down. But there are plenty of other mp3 sites to download from, check out some of our favorites on our reviews page.

MP3 Panda are still running the Free Album everyday campaign. It does seem too good to be true, so make sure you make the most of this offer before they realise the boss said '3 Albums a Day' and not 'Free Album a Day' and it gets snatched from us! On a more serious note, I think it is here to stay. At this rate, we'll not have to pay for music ever again! Today's album is the Twilight Soundtrack. Download the Twilight Soundtrack now for free from MP3 Panda.

Soundike's F.A.Q - Actually Helpful!

After various issues, complaints and problems, we've decided to no longer support or recommend Soundike. Check out our comparison page for some alternative mp3 download sites.

Most of these cheap mp3 sites list very little information about themselves or their service in their frequently asked questions section. You're always kind of left to work it out for yourself. However, Soundike seem to have stepped up the game and they now offer extensive q & a to their customers about their service. Things like how to use the music you download, how to get refunds, the legal side of it all, how to transfer, listen to, etc etc. They cover just about everything. Get over to Soundike's help section now for all you need to know about downloading music, making it work on your iPod anything else you want to know.

MP3 Panda Top Up Offers

Unfortunately, MP3Panda have now closed down. But there are plenty of other mp3 sites to download from, check out some of our favorites on our reviews page.

MP3 Panda are not only the cheapest mp3 site at 5¢ a song, they also offer some very good deals on your top ups. The minimum top up amount on the site is $29.95, but if you're willing to top up a little extra, there is something in it for you! Topping up $49.94 will get you an extra $10.00, making your account total $59.94. Topping up $99.95 will get you an extra $30.00, making your account total $129.35. That's an awful lot of mp3 songs you can download! And at 5¢, I should imagine you won't need to top up for a few months! Unless your music obsessed like me! Get over to MP3 Panda to make the most of these offers.

If you are new to the world of mp3 downloading, it's worth checking out MP3Million before you decide to go with the masses and use iTunes or Amazon.

Not only are they very cheap, at €0.10 a song, compared to iTunes, that is very cheap.

MP3 Million also offer their customers 10 free songs upon sign up. And it isn't just 10 free songs they select either. You have the choice of which 10 you want to download.  

If that isn't enough to sell it you to, they are now giving a 50% discount on all their albums, which means there are loads of albums costing under €1!

Head over to MP3Million now to see what it's all about.

Register and get the US Top 40 for FREE

Unfortunately, LegalSounds have now closed down. But there are plenty of other mp3 sites to download from, check out some of our favorites on our reviews page.

LegalSounds are offering new customers the chance to download the entire US Top 40 for free when they register with the site. Registration is free, so I'm not too sure what Legal Sounds are getting out of this, but no complaints here! Free tunes are free tunes! Head over to Legal Sounds now to make the most of this deal. Once you've downloaded all 40 tracks, the rest of the music world is available to you at just 9¢ per song.

New MP3 Site Reviewed: MP3 Panda

Unfortunately, MP3Panda have now closed down. But there are plenty of other mp3 sites to download from, check out some of our favorites on our reviews page.

As you may know, I am always on the search for cheap mp3 sites. And I have found loads of them! But they aren't all good. So I review each one in turn and decide if it's worthy of appearing here or not. My newest addition is MP3 Panda. It's a fantastic little site, with a very funky and unusual design! And who knows what sort of Panda's listen to mp3s, but hey, songs are cheap and they work with my iPod, so I really don't mind! Songs on this site are just 5¢ each! This makes them the cheapest site of the ones I have reviewed so far. But there is one catch, their minimum top up is very high, at $29.95. Some regions will see the minimum as $20.00, which is a little more affordable! But they do have a good selection of music with one of the largest music libraries. They also give their customers a free album everyday! So no complaints here! Compare all my cheap mp3 sites on the Comparison Table. Read the review here: MP3 Panda Review Visit MP3 Panda

New Top Recommended Site: MP3va

Currently, my recommended site is MP3Million. This is going to change yet again, back to MP3va. The two sites are both great, but MP3va are better.

Their site is very up-to-date, easy to use, has a great selection of music available and their customer support is beyond excellent. They are extremely helpful, they reply to emails and will fix any problems you might have as best they can.

Registration is free and you will get 30¢ credit, which is enough for two songs of your choice to try the site out with.

Their minimum top up price is great too, at just $14.95, so even when your a bit broke, you can get some great cheap mp3s.

They have also increased the size of their music library, meaning you have more choice of great music.

Go to MP3va for some really cheap mp3s!

50% Discount on MP3 Albums from MP3 Million

MP3Million are offering their customers 50% off all mp3 albums on the site. This means that they are offering loads of albums for under €1! Tracks remain at €0.10 though, so if you want more than a few tracks off a new album, it will work out cheaper to buy the whole album.

MP3 Million's albums usually come with a 20% discount, so even after this offer has gone, they are a great site for cheap mp3 albums.

Make sure you get this offer while you can, MP3 Million's offers come and go very quickly! If you miss it, don't worry though, they always offer something else pretty much straight away!

Get over to MP3Million now for some great half-price mp3 albums!

Top Up Offers & Bonuses

Each site I have reviewed give you their own little something to say 'thank you for being a customer' each and every time you top up your account with them.

Here is a run down of who's giving what and what the best deals are:

This site offers free credit when you top up:

Top up $29.95 and they give you $15.00
Top up $49.95 and they give you $50.00

This has site has two deals running:

When you top up €29.95, they give you €10.00
When you top up €49.95, they give you €50.00
When you top up €19.95, they give you 500 Free Downloads for a month
When you top up €49.95, they give you 1500 Free Downloads for a month

You chose which deal you want when you go into the 'add to balance' screen. I've written about how to get each deal in full on a previous post: MP3 Million Top Up Offers

MP3Million are offering the soundtrack to the brand new film from the creators of The Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline for just €2.56.

Great value when you look at how many tracks the album has; 32 fab songs from the movie are all here in this album:

1. End Credits - Bruno Coulais (01:54)
2. Dreaming - Bruno Coulais (02:20)
3. Installation - Bruno Coulais (02:28)
4. Wybie - Bruno Coulais (02:07)
5. Exploration - Bruno Coulais (02:01)
6. Other Father Song - They Might Be Giants (00:28)
7. The Supper - Bruno Coulais (01:31)
8. Bobinsky - Bruno Coulais (02:23)
9. Fantastic Garden - Bruno Coulais (01:34)
10. Coraline Fly - Bruno Coulais (00:24)
11. Trap For The Mices - Bruno Coulais (01:34)
12. Mice Circus - Bruno Coulais (01:27)
13. Dreams Are Dangerous - Bruno Coulais (01:27)
14. Sirens Of The Sea - Bruno Coulais (01:38)
15. In The Bed - Bruno Coulais (01:54)
16. Spink And Forcible - Bruno Coulais (00:33)
17. It Was Fantastic - Bruno Coulais (02:10)
18. Ghost Children - Bruno Coulais (01:28)
19. Let's Go - Bruno Coulais (01:09)
20. Playing Piano - Bruno Coulais (02:48)
21. Wybie That Talks - Bruno Coulais (02:09)
22. Cocobeetles - Bruno Coulais (01:39)
23. Alone - Bruno Coulais (00:52)
24. Dangerous - Bruno Coulais (02:23)
25. Reunion - Bruno Coulais (01:10)
26. Coraline Dispair - Bruno Coulais (01:27)
27. The Theater - Bruno Coulais (01:33)
28. The Famous Mister B - Bruno Coulais (02:33)
29. You Know I Love You - Bruno Coulais (04:27)
30. Mechanical Lulluby - Bruno Coulais (02:24)
31. The Hand - Bruno Coulais (03:14)
32. The Party - Bruno Coulais (02:32)

The album is retailing at $18.00, so head over to MP3Million now to get this great deal on the Coraline Soundtrack.

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