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Another Offer From MP3 Million

I'm getting bored of writing about MP3Million and their endless offers! They are running yet another great deal to hook you into using them instead of the next best site. Don't get me wrong, I love that they are always offering us more and more, but it is hard to keep up to date with their deals!

Here's the current sign up offer on the site:

If you top up €20.00, MP3 Million will give you 300 free songs
If you top up €30.00, MP3 Million will give you 400 free songs
If you top up €50.00, MP3 Million will give you 700 free songs

By 'current sign up offer', I really mean permanent offer! It's been running on and off for a very long time. So if you sign up with any mp3 site, make sure you check MP3 Million for this, or any other offer they have going.

The number of free songs they give you is excessive, but when it comes to music and free stuff in the same sentence, how much is too much?

Click here to go to MP3Million now.

New Releases from MP3va

MP3va have added some hot new albums to their homepage this week, so if you're after a new release, MP3va is the place to go to get it cheaply!

Depeche Mode - Sounds of the Universe is going to cost you just $1.56, compared to iTunes &#pound;7.99, which currently works out to be $11.72. That makes iTunes over $10.00 more expensive.

Here's some more examples of just how cheap these mp3s are:

Madonna - Pleasure Principles = $1.32 compared to iTunes who don't have it at all.

Keith Urban - Defying Gravity = $1.32, and iTunes yet again don't have the album yet.

So you see what I mean, iTunes charges more and is just a little bit pants to be honest. MP3va is very up to date, cheap and incredibly easy to use.

MP3va Easter Offers

MP3va are offering some Easter deals for everyone.

MP3va are reducing their track price from 15¢ per songs to just 10¢. This is a great offer, meaning you can get loads more cheap mp3s! So make sure you download as much as you can from MP3va before Monday comes and it's all over.

These offers are only running for two days over Easter, so get them while you can. They will expire on the 19th April, so head over to MP3va now for a great deal.

Unfortunately, LegalSounds have now closed down. But there are plenty of other mp3 sites to download from, check out some of our favorites on our reviews page.

It's very rare for LegalSounds to be running a promotion, deal or offer, but they  have updated their site a little, changed their homepage a bit and added a new offer. Previously, registering with  Legal Sounds would get you nothing more than a thank you email, and their free song of the day, everyday. Other companies have always given you something extra, MP3va & Soundike give 30¢ credit and MP3Million give you 10 free songs. Legal Sounds have always been the cheapest, but never given us an extra incentive to sign up with them over MP3va, Soundike or MP3 Million. But now, for whatever reason, after registering with Legal Sounds (which is FREE to do), they are giving you 10 Free Songs of your choice to download. If you combine this with their top up offers, you have a really nice deal going on. So, for example, if you sign up right now, you will get 10 free songs. If you then top up your account with $39.00, Legal Sounds give you 50 free songs. That's 60 free songs before you've even used the money on your account. Total all that up, and you have got 493 songs for $39.00. Move over iTunes, Legal Sounds is coming! And that's just based on their basic offer, image how much more you could have with their larger offers. Click here to go to Legal Sounds now and grab this offer.

Soundike Offer Live Phone Support

After various issues, complaints and problems, we've decided to no longer support or recommend Soundike. Check out our comparison page for some alternative mp3 download sites.

Soundike are now offering customers, or anyone that wants it really, telephone support for their site. I think this is a great idea. They are based in Russia, so I've always been a little bit wary of giving them my money, but it's a relief to know that if I need to call about anything, where my downloads are stored, if my top up has been successful, if they have a new song I want, they are there to help. They have also topped up their music library, so now have 1,233,470 tracks ready for you to download from their site. And if that's not enough for you, you can subscribe to their weekly feed of new releases to make sure you're the first to buy cheap mp3s from Soundike!

MP3va Charts Lists

MP3va offer the largest selection of charts out of all the sites i have reviewed. They offer the usual UK Chart, USA Chart and German Chart, but unlike other mp3 sites, they also offer you:

Canada Top 100
European Top 100
Indie Top 200
France Top 50
Italy Top 50
Digital Top 20
The MTV Chart
R&B/Hip-Hop Chart
MP3va Bestsellers

...and quite strangely, the Christmas Charts which according to MP3va, was updated on the 3rd April 2009......

I still love them though! Great cheap music from a funky little site. Also, they have updated their music library today, up to 1,181,709 tracks, meaning that they have even more great cheap mp3 songs for us all the download :)

Click here to go to the MP3va Charts Lists now!

MP3 Million Offering Free Songs

MP3Million are offering users the chance to download up to 1500 songs for free for one month only. The offer is open to customers who top up their account with MP3 Million this month. As always, the amount of free stuff depends on how much you top up with:

If you top up your account with €19.95, MP3 Million will give you 500 Free Downloads for a month!

If you top up your account with €49.95, MP3 Million will give you 1500 Free Downloads for a month!

MP3 Million are offering more offers than you can shake an offers stick at, so keep a watch on here, or on their site, for anything new you should know about.It might be even more free songs, extra credit, free downloads, or anything else they feel like offering us music obsessed guys.

Head over to MP3Million now to grab this offer before they change it again! :)

MP3 Million Free Songs Offer

MP3Million are offering anyone that tops up their account balance with them some FREE SONGS. As always, the number of free songs depends on the amount that you top up with.

If you top up €20.00, MP3 Million will give you 300 free songs
If you top up €30.00, MP3 Million will give you 400 free songs
If you top up €50.00, MP3 Million will give you 700 free songs

Personally, I think €20.00 would get me enough songs for a few days, never mind the extra 300 I get! When will I ever get to download that many tracks? Sounds like heaven to me...

MP3 Million are the best site for offers, they are regular and as you can see from this one, very generous. Be quick if you do want this offer however, as it will end at midnight tonight. That means that there are only 15 hours left to get this deal, head over there now to grab your free songs - Visit MP3 Million.

Legal Sounds Downloader

Unfortunately, LegalSounds have now closed down. But there are plenty of other mp3 sites to download from, check out some of our favorites on our reviews page.

LegalSounds offer users a chance to download cheap mp3s even more easily than before, with their 'Legal Sounds Downloader' software. This is a piece of software that takes a few minutes to download, and will help you download music from their more quickly than before. The downloader is like a mini Legal Sounds website; except that it is tabbed with different sections of the site. Tab one is like the homepage, you can see their Best Sellers, Charts, Hot Releases, Most Downloaded Albums, Just Added, the search and the Free Song of the Day. Tab two is where the tracks that you have downloaded / are downloading go to. From here, you can pause and resume downloads, something you cannot do on mp3 download sites usually. Tab three is all your details, so you can change anything you want to, like name, security question, password, email address, and you can unsubscribe from the newsletter here too. Tab four is your balance history, where you can add funds and see your purchase history. Tab five is your stats, a list of all the songs and albums that you have downloaded, the date, how much it cost etc. I love this little program from Legal Sounds, it's a great help and is especially useful for first time users as it doesn't take a lot of thinking to work out. It's also nice that you do not need to always go to Legal Sounds to download music, you can do it from there, add fund, change your details etc. Nice one Legal Sounds!

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