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MP3va Summer Offers

MP3va are offering great summer deals for this weekend only. So what can you get?

MP3va: All tracks have been reduced to just 10¢ each, so you can get a lot more music for your money!

Head over to MP3va now to get these offers before they expire on the 19th July.

Legal Sounds Charts

Unfortunately, LegalSounds have now closed down. But there are plenty of other mp3 sites to download from, check out some of our favorites on our reviews page.

imageLike all the mp3 download sites I have reviewed, LegalSounds has an extensive list of charts to browse and download.  The charts include: USA Top 100 Albums, USA Top 40 Singles, Euro Top 100 Albums, UK Top 50, German Top 50, MTV Top 20, R&B Top 100 Albums, Top 75 Country Albums, Top 25 Jazz Albums and loads more! The list goes on and on... Head over to LegalSounds to check out the site for yourself and download some fab music for $0.09 a track.

MP3va and their Genres

mp3va genreMP3va are my recommended cheap mp3 download site because of their price, website quality, customer support and whole bunch of other reasons (read their review here).

Another great feature of their site is their genres menu. Firstly, I love the way it's laid out; big chunky boxes in a long list. This is covers all the genres you can think of, some I didn't even know existed! MP3va list everything from Bebob and Chanson to Fusion and Salsa, there is something for everyone here!

Songs are just 15¢ a track too, so you really can get a lot of music for your money from MP3va.

MP3 Million Charts


MP3Million's site is packed with mp3 albums, tracks, bestsellers, new albums and of course, the music Charts.

So what's covered?

The USA Charts (Top 100), the UK Charts (Top 75) and the German Charts (Top 50) are all listed on the site. This is kept up to date too, unlike so sites charts so if you love music that's ho right now, MP3Million is the site for you.

Michael Jackson albums from MP3 Million

MP3Million are still giving all Michael Jackson albums away for free on the site. This includes 14 albums, 5 single albums, 19 compilations and 60 single tracks.

To get the albums for free, you need a to have an account with MP3 Million (it's free to register) and have a positive balance.

The minimum you can put on is €19.95, so when you've downloaded everything MJ related, you will have all that cash left on your account to buy music from the site. Great news! Songs are only €0.10 each too, so it should last you quite a while!

Get over to MP3Million now start downloading all the MJ albums you're internet connection can handle.

Legal Sounds Bonus Program

Unfortunately, LegalSounds have now closed down. But there are plenty of other mp3 sites to download from, check out some of our favorites on our reviews page.

LegalSounds are a very good site to download music from. But something that makes these guys a little different to other sites is their bonus program. The more you top up, the more free songs you get. However, they also offer free songs depending on your overall account total. So, if you've been with them for 6 months and you've topped up a total of $300 over the time, Legal Sounds will give you 100 Free Songs. You will get more free songs when your running total gets higher and higher. When your total reaches $1000, they give you a massive 500 Free Songs! So the more you top up and use Legal Sounds, the more you'll get over time! To see a list of how many free songs you get and for what amounts, check out their Bonus Program on the site.

Help me chose the best site for me!

You're on this site, so that means you've taken the wiser choice to not pay iTunes nearly all your allowance to download music! But if you're still feeling a bit lost, this post should help you.

What options are there for buying music from this site?
There are six cheap mp3 download sites to chose from here, all offering and specialising in something different. So lets look at who's giving you what:

MP3 Panda, MP3Skyline and LegalSounds are all now closed down. However, there are loads of new sites around. Check out the best ones on our review page.

I want cheap music! The site offering the cheapest mp3s is MP3 Panda. All songs on the site are 5¢ each so you can get whole albums for $0.50 easily. I want loads of choice! MP3Skyline is the site for you then, with the largest music library containing over 3,387,120 songs, all priced at just 15¢ each. I want free songs! LegalSounds offer a free song everyday. This can be found on their homepage and is a song of their choice. This is the best option if you're after free songs. I want free albums!  MP3 Panda are the best site for this, you can download a free album everyday from the site. As with LegalSounds, the album is of their choice and can be found on the homepage.

I want to try a site out! 
The best sites for trying out the service are MP3va, Soundike and MP3Million. MP3va and Soundike give you a massive 30¢ when you register! It may not seem like much, but it's enough for two songs on the site of your choice so you can test their service. MP3 Million are probably the better option though, as they give you 10 free songs to play with after registration. (See more of Free Trials

If you're still stuck for who to use, check out the comparison table to compare all the sites side-by-side. Happy downloading!

MP3 Skyline's Extensive Genre List

Unfortunately, MP3Skyline have now closed down. But there are plenty of other mp3 sites to download from, check out some of our favorites on our reviews page.

MP3Skyline have a lot of music available for download, a lot more than the other sites reviewed here with over 3,387,120 tracks. So they need some way to organise all that music so you can look though it easily. This is what they call 'Styles' and it can be found on the left hand side of the site no matter what page your on. Navigation made is easy is always a great feature on a site this size. So what do they offer? Ambient, avantgarde, blues, breakbeat, dance, club, freestyle, garage, progressive, swing, retro, hip-hop, anime, funk and a what seems like a million more! So if you're after something a little bit different, or want a specific style of music, check out MP3Skyline before you go anywhere else.

MP3va's Upcoming Albums

MP3va are always up-to-date and offer over 1,190,080 of the best mp3s at a great price of $0.15 each.

But if that's not enough for you, you can see all upcoming albums that MP3va will be adding to their site in the next few weeks.

This is a nice feature that other sites don't give you.You can see what's being released soon so before you add money to your MP3va account, you can see if they are going to be up your street.

Head over to MP3va now to take a look for yourself.

MP3 Panda - The Site for Genres

Unfortunately, MP3 Panda have now closed down. But there are plenty of other mp3 sites to download from, check out some of our favorites on our reviews page.

MP3 Panda is a great site anyway, they offer tracks for $0.05 each, a free album every single day and they store over 1,952,100 songs for you to download. Another fantastic feature of this site is the genres they list for you to browse through. Everything and anything can be found here, from New Age, Ska and Folk, to Country, Funk, Pop, Techno and even Grindcore Metal. They really do offer something for everyone. You'd be hard pushed to find a genre that's not on here. So if you're after a particular type of music, or want to discover something new, make sure you check out the Genre section of MP3 Panda's website.

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